Sunday, 18 January 2015

Glamour Street Fashion Show

How would I describe this day .... Unforgettable, exciting , innovative and incredible.
      The day started at 8:00 am at the Hotel Palace . There we were all facing the giant poster GSFS that found between scared and hopeful at the time and we use tactics like gather with those of our private trend, in my case, the total red.
From there they took us to become photo before our look chosen for the parade later, and not in all cases, the stylists could change if it could be necesary. Total red had Juanjo and Nuria Sánchez stylists ; He is an amazing professional that made the dream of one of my redmates, María .

Sewing box costumized

I love fashion , but a facet that still don't know about me is, the decoration all kinds of things , I reuse wood, metal or fabric to make a comfy place as possible as I can.
I have a little Diogenes syndrome, Because if I see nice mirror, an old door etc..In a throw I'll take it...
My mother when I said where I took the things had goose bumps, But at the end , love the results .